So you want to work at Grayles, huh?

Awesome! We are always in consideration of new staff. If you are interested in directly helping our community, please fill out the following application. Take your time and answer to the best of your ability. Our hiring staff will review it in a timely manner and get back to you! If you have any questions pertaining to this form or the process in general, please contact our current staff and we will further assist you.

  • Enter your preferred username
  • Enter a valid email address
  • Separate multiple answers with commas if necessary
  • What makes you want to be a member of Grayles Gaming Staff?

*It is important that we note here that becoming staff does not make you a more desired player. Staff are bound by the same rules that all players must abide by. They will not receive unique attention for matters not involving their station simply for being staff. It is not a popularity contest; nor will it ever be. It is for those who wish to help build up our community even further. Truly a noble deed.