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Hello everyone, it is I: Captain Impedus.
Recently I have begun construction of what I ambitiously hope will become the Hylotl Capital of Grayles, it is an oceanic planet that will feature traditional hylotl styled buildings on the surface, with a few more modern styled resorts. At the ocean floor however, there will be a sprawling city megabuild featuring a mall, a large dojo, a few residence buildings, a couple corporate buildings, a lab, a warehousing and manufactory building, and a public works.

If anyone is interested in contributing to this project, please feel free to look up Impedus on the Grayles discord to contact me. All building proposals must first be built on a separate planet, where if they obtain my approval, I will find a place for them and reconstruct them. Keep in mind space on the surface is fairly limited.

Below is a photo of one of the island's structures, an old palace being used as a hotel.

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