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Hey there, I'm Mirau! I make a bunch of mods for Starbound - mostly server side stuff to sneak in some new features to Grayles Starbound Classic, but also some fun roleplaying equipment too! I'm a big fan of NES/Famicom games as well as terminals. I'm a licensed HAM radio technician in the United States, so if you ever want to send messages through obscure data packets I'll be glad to reciprocate. Cheers!

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 1010 Redhair
 CasmirDresdun I bet this guy doesn't even know what it means to be a true gamer!
Zu! He is not a true gamer! I bet my motivation to live on it!
Winters Mirau is the only true gamer here
 CasmirDresdun That can't be true. I am obviously the truest of gamers. No one else here can compete!
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This is what we call a sample post. We use these here bad boys to get a real feel for how our posts will look. You know; test 'em out and see how they feel.

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What the heck, is this some kinda nested quote?

We can use the source tags to<br /> explain source code in our posts!<br /> without the code parsing. <br /> It's <b>super</b> handy!

Does that cover everything? Oh I guess we forgot to post some links, didn't we? Much better!