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- Beta Launch Day! -

Welcome everyone old and new to the latest incarnation of the Grayles Gaming website. This will be the defacto place to go for all official information regarding the community, our servers and available services. Information will still be carried out to other outlets including the appropriate subreddits as well as our Discord . The bulk of such information will be linked back here for authentication and further info.

Throughout the years we've tried out various forms of having a web presence that would truly reflect what we strive to bring to our players and the community as a whole. This process requires a lot of feedback and a lot of evolution. Some features were applauded while some were scorned. We've been gathering your input and have been working to put together a community website that incorporates the features you've requested with as much customization and user expression as possible whilst conforming to a consistent layout.

We're very excited to start opening this site up to the community more. The prospect of available customization and player expression is very exciting. As one last note I would like to personally remind you all that this is a living document of sorts. As the community requests features we will do our best to incorporate them. If any features are deemed unwanted or hazardous in any way we will do our best to resolve those issues as hastily and thoroughly as possible. We mostly want everyone to enjoy themselves to their fullest. Welcome to the Beta Launch of the new Grayles Gaming website. We can't wait to see you all here!!


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Ok boomer
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Ok boomer

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