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- Dedicated Roleplay Sections -

Preparations are underway by our very own Official Lore Committee to dissect and soon lay bare the Official Grayles Starbound Classic Lore*. Not only that but a fully dedicated roleplay area of the forums will be available in the near future with a strong emphasis on making your immersion as enjoyable as possible. An easy to follow guide of the galaxy as it stands and what has happened to lead you to where you are now will be released alongside a myriad of hopeful additional features.

Some dedicated sub-forum concepts that we are focusing on include:
  • Character Sheet & Guidelines
  • Strictly In-Character Marketplace for both physical goods as well as services
  • Group Entity Listings for Companies, Groups, Cults and any other formal group types
  • Strictly In-Character Ads for Roleplay Enforced Hub locations
  • Official Roleplay Events

We haven't yet figured out a proper timeline as to when these additional sub-forums are estimated to open, however do know that they will be opened proper and with all necessary information included. We are taking strides to ensure your roleplay experience here will be as enjoyable as possible. Feel free to reply here or on the Discord if you have any questions or suggestions about this kind of stuff.

*Do note that this probably isn't the official name of the lore. We'll come up with something better, promise!

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yes... Roleplay... M y S p e c ia l t y

Hiya, it's everyone's favorite annoyance...ZU
Posted on 05-04-20, 04:18 am

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I tried to bring my friend Zuanius here so I can roleplay with him, it seems like he don’t own Starbound Yet.
Posted on 07-04-20, 06:44 am

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MOM, is it done yet??
Not even close BABY
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