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Posted on 12-05-19, 04:47 am

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**NEW NAE NAE INBOUND**Hewwo!!!! So, I found umbra crucified in my room during sleep peralysis what do I do?
also the plus server wont work for me
Hiya, it's everyone's favorite annoyance...ZU
Posted on 12-06-19, 02:09 am
Power Sneaker
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When you say the Plus server won't work, what exactly do you mean?

Are you simply unable to connect?
Do you have the most recent modpack?
Do you have your 'allow asset mismatch' option checked or unchecked?

Posted on 12-13-19, 04:10 pm
Starbound Plus Staff

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It better to report this sort of thing in discord support channel.
(or dm the associated staff members)
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