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Posted on 12-15-19, 01:54 pm

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Hello! I am Riva I am pretty new to the scene here at Grayles but absolutely love playing on the server here, you will most likely find me playing a Character with Riva at the start of the name.

I am also a Gamer at heart and love to get in some streams at least 3 times a week for 3-4 hours at a time I tend to sometime procrastinate a lot or get super focused on gaming xD Plus I always get lost for a while in making digital art when it strikes me. I tend to play a lot of Sandbox games and Point & Click games mostly but also some MMo's, so Starbound is right up my alley for video games.

Always happy to meet new people along the way as well
Posted on 12-16-19, 02:03 am
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Heya Riva! Do you ever stream Starbound at all? If so what kinda content do you go for; building, exploring, searching for anything in particular? I'm curious to know what folks find interesting. At any rate glad to have ya here!

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