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Posted on 11-04-19, 07:16 am
Power Sneaker
FausTech Employee

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Hey all, I'm Mirau! I've been staff at Grayles since 2015, and have been an avid Starbound player for a few weeks before joining up. Programming has been something I've been into for the past 20 years or so (I made my first website when I was 10 back in the 90's). I've helped work on some MMOs, some Starbound mods (most of the stuff exclusive to Grayles' Starbound Classic), various romhacks, spritework, and dabbled a little bit into gameboy sound composition. Oh yeah, I'm also the guy who runs Grayles Radio . I'm fond of roleplays too; particularly so if they are puzzle based scenarios!

Pleasure to meet you all and hope you enjoy all the features I'm adding to the website and forums!


Posted on 11-04-19, 12:25 pm
General Admin

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I'm Winnie. An old friend gifted me Starbound in 2013. Didn't play it much until 2016 when I joined Grayle's server where they keep me in the basement, send help.

I love games that let you just relax somewhere and chat with other players, while having the option to go shoot or build something.

If you require help with anything, I'm usually around.
Posted on 11-04-19, 01:59 pm (rev. 1 by  CasmirDresdun on 11-20-19, 03:29 am)
Starbound Classic Staff

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Hello, I am Casmir Dresdun (or Cas). I am one of the admins for the classic Starbound server. I don't really do much, but if you need some assistance I'll be glad to help!
Posted on 11-04-19, 05:10 pm (rev. 3 by  Umbra on 11-04-19, 05:18 pm)
Starbound Plus Staff

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Hey to who ever read this. I'm Umbra, nice to meet you...

As you can see I'm a little bit care free but I'm very much a responsible staff member. I love playing with mods so you will find me most of the time playing on PLUS server.

I've been around since 2017 wondering around the PLUS server and 2 years as a staff member. Why I became a staff? Simple, because I seek for power to help my community that I love very much.
Posted on 11-20-19, 03:12 am (rev. 2 by  Hooligan on 11-20-19, 03:23 am)

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Hei hei! I'm Hooligan.

I'm a designer - I made the new logo and the Space Diner theme for this website!
I'm not staff, but that didn't stop me from lending a helping hand to this lovely little community.
Whenever I am online, I'm on Starbound Classic, probably off building somewhere. It's almost therapeutic for me at times.
I'll possibly be making more themes in the future, so don't be afraid to suggest something - I'll think about it!

Thanks, and have fun!
Posted on 12-12-19, 09:26 pm (rev. 1 by Winters902 on 12-12-19, 09:31 pm)

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I exist to worship and serve pandee.
Posted on 05-04-20, 04:11 am (rev. 1 by Alex145837 on 05-04-20, 04:12 am)

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Oi, it’s Alex145837.

And I’m just an explorer but I roleplay in the Starbound Plus Server.

If you see me, come and hang out!

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